"Hallawell's crisp attack and solid rhythmic groove are always there... the arrangements are joyful and conversational.

"And what tone! ... It's no wonder Todd is held in such high regard by the world's top acoustic guitar soloists."

- Mark Casstevens

"Todd Hallawell is one of the finest guitarists I've heard in years.

"His clasically trained approach to the guitar, coupled with his own flawless techniques and arrangements make listening a pleasurable experience."

- Doyle Dykes

"I love Todd's playing.

"He gets a great sound out of the guitar and has a real drive in his performance."

- John Knowles, c.g.p.

"...Todd Hallawell is ebullient, full of enthusiasm and creative ideas.

"To hear him play is a joyous experience..."

- John Duarte

"...an Amazing guitarist."

- Mason Williams

"Hallawell attacks his steel-strings with the precision of John Williams and punch of Jerry Reed... an extraordinary fingerpicker."

- Andy Ellis / Guitar Player Magazine

"What tone... what sound... what touch."

- Jon Chappell / Frets Magazine

"The elocution, the execution, and the inherent musicality of this artist's work becomes immediately apparent...

"Hallawell is a player's player... With seemingly effortless dexterity, he articulates notes and such, without the artifacts of effort... In short, he makes the competition sound clumsy."

- Steve Kingaman / Minor 7th

"Exceptional guitar playing.

"It is easy to see why he won the title of Winfield Fingerstyle Champion, because he has truly mastered his instrument..."

- The Acoustic Scene

"Todd performs a collection of bouncy, cookin' and feel-good fingerstyle tunes which will blow you over if you listen carefully. To the casual listener, Hallawell churns out these contagious melodies effortlessly.

"But the magic of his playing is in hearing difficult riffs flow off his fretboard as fluidly as water flows downstream."

- Alan Fark / Minor 7th